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Below is the 2019 Agenda


This gives you an idea of the type of content and speakers that we feature at the event.

New topics and speakers are being lined up now for the 2020 show.


Check back soon for our amazing 2020 lineup. 


Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.             Credit Union Roundtables

4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.             Expert Tradeshow

5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.             Reception and Networking

Thursday, March 16, 2023

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.             Breakfast and Tradeshow

9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.             Concurrent Education Sessions

9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.           Expert Tradeshow

10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.         Concurrent Education Sessions

11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.         Expert Tradeshow

11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.         Concurrent Education Sessions

12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.           Lunch and Expert Tradeshow

1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.             Concurrent Education Sessions

2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.             Concurrent Education Sessions

3:00 p.m.                                $400 Cash Give away and Prize Drawings

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Thursday, April 18, 2019



8:00 AM

Breakfast, Trade Show Floor, Networking

9:00 AM

Breakout Sessions

Preventing the Domino Effect When an Executive Departs

It’s no secret that credit union executives are being wooed away by other organizations. Find out how a departure such as this might cause a “domino effect” in your C-suite. Learn key elements of a true leadership continuity plan that will help your credit union avoid disruption to meeting your strategic and financial goals. Hear how to leverage your succession plan beyond the CEO position, so it’s not just a short-term contingency plan, and how to enhance your executive compensation package to meet the financial needs of your best talent—to motivate them to stay and help your credit union thrive.

Fred Palmer

Executive Benefits Specialist

CUNA Mutual Group

Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance for your facilities is essential

The proper program will help improve profits, increase productivity and reduce annual maintenance costs. You need to know what needs to be done and when before you hire any service providers to do the work. If you are just waiting for problems to arise and then reacting, you are losing a lot of money.

In this session we will help you to develop a Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) that can be your guide going forward. The information will include:
• Frequency of Visits
• Checklists
• Equipment and Special Equipment
• Assessments and Capital Budgeting
• Reporting
• Vendors and Vendor Management.

Steven Labarre

Vice President of Facilities

Labarre Associates

Every CU must know about auto industry sales/lending trends to avoid the strategic blunders of Blockbuster, Circuit City, Sears and others

In this session we’ll explore historical, current and upcoming trends in auto sales and lending. You’ll learn why most credit unions with indirect auto lending are wanting to reduce that exposure and diversify. We’ll show effective ways to accomplish this diversification, while increasing profitability and member engagement.

And with the NADA saying that “auto sales hit a peak of 17.6 million new vehicles in 2016 and have been falling ever since…”, we’ll demonstrate why this trend in reduced sales will continue and why and how credit unions can Take Control of their Auto Vertical. As car sales continue to tighten, as predicted by NADA, it is inevitable that OEM’s (auto manufacturers) will pressure Dealers to favor captive auto lending sources, to the detriment of CU’s, and we’ll show how your CU can inoculate against this.

Ed Bourgeois


Auto Link and myEZ Car Care, LLC



10:30 AM

Breakout Sessions

ITMs: Creating a Winning Strategy

This session will cover various strategy components to Interactive Teller Machines (ITM). Sean will provide guidance on how to make implementations successful and common pitfalls to avoid. Sean will also discuss the pros and cons of integrations to the core vs. non-integrated solutions.

Sean Farrell



Choosing an EFT Vendor that fits your credit union

There are many factors to consider when finding a partner for your EFT program. One size and price does not fit all, and you need to find a company that works best for you.

In this session we will cover the main factors for a conversion, including:

  • Know your vendor
  • Pricing isn’t everything
  • Don’t forget about the whole product suite that is needed, plus support, fraud prevention and disaster recovery
  • You need a step by step for your conversion, along with training and follow up
  • Know what to ask for your contract negotiation
  • Is your credit union and the staff ready for the change
  • Have an internal plan to keep the momentum going

There are a host of factors to consider and you need this complete checklist and explanation for a seamless and effective process.

Patricia Gosnell

Vice President Senior Sales Executive


Skimming, Scammers and Security

Across the country, skimmers and the cloned cards they produce are costing banks millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, re-issued cards and damaged reputations. Understand how skimming happens and what to do when it does occur. We’ll share real world examples and short videos to demonstrate how skimmers work, how data is collected and how easy it is to clone a card from the collected data. Once a card is compromised, learn how to mitigate the risk. New card technologies in conjunction with detection systems, blocking transactions and launching transaction alerts, reduce fraud and protect account holder information. Learn about current fraud trends and ways to fight back.

Mike Burke

Senior Robbery and Crisis Management Consultant


11:45 AM

Breakout Sessions


RTP:  Powering Smarter Payments for Credit Unions

Introducing the newest payments rail to be deployed in the United States. Join us for this session to hear how the RTP® Network is enabling credit unions across the country to support their members. This new network allows members to send and receive electronic credits in seconds. Don’t miss this session and hear how your credit union can benefit from this new network.

Real Time Payments is another component of the core industry payments infrastructure, with the potential to support diverse use cases. Come and learn all about who is using it, how safe it is, if new payment technology will be needed, if debits will come into play, how the pricing works, options to connect, transaction limits, how to join, and more.

Find out how comprehensive payment messaging capabilities will provide a smarter payment experience.

Keith Gray

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships

The Clearing House

Do-it-Yourself Core Systems Selections

A Core Systems Selection, as covered in this session, is the process that the organization goes through to determine if it is time to migrate to a new core platform.

For credit unions that do not have the internal resources to do this themselves, there are a handful of consulting organizations that can outsource the systems selection process. Some credit unions just want to complete their own systems selection, either because they can’t afford an outside consultant, or they just want better control of the process internally.

This session will give Credit Unions a peek inside how one systems selection consultant organizes the selection process, from the initial gap analysis, through RFP, vendor scoring, selection, and ultimately negotiating a contract. Whether your credit union is in the process of selecting a new core, or any of your other major IT providers, this session should provide insight into how to organize your process should you opt to “Do-it-Yourself”.

Charlie Kelly


Remedy Consulting

Are You Covered? Affirmative Action Considerations for Credit Unions

With audit activity on the rise and 12 new policy directives in the last 12 months, OFCCP will be keeping Federal contractors and subcontractors very busy in 2019. This session will help you determine whether you need an Affirmative Action Program (AAP), how to minimize liability, and how to leverage your AAPs as managerial tools. Topics include:

1) OFCCP Jurisdiction & Regulations
2) Audit Trends
3) Avoiding Common Violations
4) New Policy Directives

Allen Hudson

Chief Operating Officer




12:30 PM

Buffet Lunch – Exhibit Hall – League Presentation


Your Dues At Work

You credit union league does a lot and can do a lot for you. This league presentation will get you up to date on what they have been doing on your behalf and what is planned for the year ahead. They will also let you know about the services that they can provide to you and just how you can take advantage. Do you have questions or need help and you’re not sure who to contact? They will cover that as well with an introduction to key league staff members and the services they provide.

All this from the comfort of your seat during lunch in the exhibit hall.

The Louisiana Credit Union League Staff

2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

Deciphering Big Data to Create Incredible Member Experiences

A credit union drives 70% engagement and 21% conversion on three-touch transactions. The information they send is always relevant. What is a three-touch transaction? What are they doing to keep their consumers interested? How is their conversion so high?

A cognitive intelligence company is able to predict employee fraud. What! Imagine stopping fraud before it even occurs. How do they do it? What data do they look at? How are they able to predict what is in the mind of the consumer?

These brands attribute their success to data, leveraging data to the hilt. They analyze numbers to predict likely outcomes which then helps them make timely decisions. What can we learn from their success and their methodology?

Our session will cover these three examples and a few more. We will cover different approaches of collecting and analyzing data. Next, we will explain how you can use this data to drive 11 high impact user journeys across the credit union. Proven, innovative, and pragmatic suggestions to help you guide your own programs. This presentation will provide you with insight for your big data and analytics initiatives. Focused ideas to help you succeed. Inspiration to lead for your journey beyond 2020.

Sundeep Kapur


Digital Credence

How to approach ATM/ITM challenges with confidence

Automated Transaction Delivery is a Hosted Solutions provider that offers full turnkey management of ATMs and ITMs. Through our Server Centric platform, we find solutions to the challenges of running their ATM/ITM portfolios. This session will not only provide Credit Unions with the knowledge to approach their ATM/ITM challenges with confidence but will help with Branch Transformation. Through our custom branch transformation software provided by our partner, Antuar, we can integrate any device onto the Credit Union’s core.

Trey Prats


Automated Transaction Delivery LLC


The AIRES Download- The most powerful FREE tool you never knew you had…

ECL Modeling, Portfolio Analysis, Error Checking, and ALM. These are all things can be done in-house for FREE, using the AIRES download. Every credit union has the AIRES download, but most don’t know how to unlock its full potential. Former NCUA Examiner Barry Lynch will demonstrate what exactly examiners look for using this download, and prove that that those “random” loan samples aren’t so random…

As a bonus, we will also preview our CECL model that we developed specifically for small credit unions- and are giving away for FREE (yes, really!). This excel-based model can be updated in-house using nothing more than Call Report Data and an AIRES download.

Barrett T. Lynch

Co-founder & CEO

Waypoint Advisory Services, Inc