Why Trade Associations

Partner with Us

If you are worried about the risks of producing a conference or trade show that includes sponsors or exhibitors, fear not. We have a contract option that has C Suite Events paying all of the costs and expenses and taking all the risk. It will cost you nothing, and then we share the profit. You will be able to drive non-dues revenue and expand your offerings without overtaxing your staff. Your needs and visions become a reality, while maintaining control over the content and execution. We are not replacing anyone on your team, but rather providing valuable expertise and time saving support. Using our resources to help with sales, marketing, design, programming, and logistics allows you to focus on the members and their needs. You can add brand new events or products, or significantly build up and grow the current ones. You could add an entire full-scale conference and trade show with virtually no expense or depletion of your resources.

What can we do for you?

  • You cede no control, we execute with your input and direction
  • Create a business plan, budget, format and theme
  • Handle all logistics for the execution of the event
  • Pay all associated costs with putting on the event
  • Review, select and negotiate with the facility, including space, F&B and A/V
  • Select and work with an Exposition Services company
  • Build and maintain a website for marketing and registration
  • Create sponsorships and exhibit opportunities with pricing
  • Create and deliver a marketing timeline and materials including e-mails, print ads, digital ads
  • Design and produce onsite marketing including a program guide, signage and video
  • Execute all sales for sponsors and exhibitors, including collection of materials and payments
  • Organize content in terms of identifying, inviting, securing and managing speakers, moderators and panelists
  • Handle logistics for all speakers, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Manage the day of the event including activities, flow, venue and troubleshooting
  • Develop creative activities for an interactive event
  • Create and deliver post event surveys and wrap-up e-mail

What do you get?

  • An excellent education and networking offering for members
  • A great marketing opportunity for Preferred providers and Associate members
  • Another member benefit, including member discount prices
  • Non-dues revenue for the association through a profit share
  • A vehicle to market the association to non-members
  • The ability to be seen as an industry leader and valuable resource
  • A full-scale event while expending relatively little time and resources
  • A no-risk venture option with C Suite Events paying all expenses

Before Every Event

C Suite Events will work with you to incorporate: Past and prospective attendee analytics, Marketing automation with personalized messaging, Digital re-targeting ads, Content focused social media, Polling and surveys for feedback and engagement, Ambassador marketing programs, coordinated e-mail and print campaigns and more!

During Every Event

C Suite Events will line up outstanding keynotes, entertainment, games, social activities and contests for attendee satisfaction. We can also film parts of the event, including sessions and interviews that will be used to create “sizzle reel” marketing pieces and online content for stickiness and future marketing. After the event, a post-show wrap up email is delivered with copies of the presentations, pictures and comments from the participants.

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We provide valuable expertise and time saving support for all types of events. If you’re interested in attending, please check out what we have to offer!