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Planned Schedule at a Glance

Day 1


2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Financial Education General Session


5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Cocktail Reception & Foundation Charity Auction


Day 2


8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Breakfast & Visit with the Vendors


9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Breakout Sessions


9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Visit with the Vendors & Door Prize Raffle


10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Breakout Sessions


11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Visit with the Vendors


11:45 a.m.– 12:30 p.m.

Breakout Sessions


12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Lunch & Visit with the Vendors


1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Breakout Sessions


2:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Visit with the Vendors


2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Breakout Sessions


3:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Raffle & Grand Prize Give-aways


3:45 p.m.

Show Concludes


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Previous Show Agenda


8:00 AM

Breakfast, Trade Show Floor, Networking



9:00 AM Breakout Sessions

How to make your Deposits Reporting and Analytics more powerful!

In the changing economic world in which we live, to make the most of your deposits strategies, you need to have the right tools in your tool belt. In this session, we look at some of the most sought-after analysis and reporting a financial institution should have to set themselves up for success. It’s all about knowing your data and how to use it to your advantage to make educated decisions to grow your deposits and increase your profit.

3 Learning Objectives:
• Learn best practices and advanced capabilities for deposits reporting.
• Discover how to use analytics to your advantage.
• Understand the value of good source data to enable accurate, powerful reporting.

Brinda Jaikumar

Product Director

Visible Equity, an nCino company

Top Ten Opportunities to Maximize Member Experience and Optimize Financial Performance

CU Engage will help simplify the complicated payments and digital experience landscape of today’s vendors, help you figure out the questions you should be asking both yourself and your processors, and guide you toward easy changes that can be made today in your own credit union.

• Simplifying the vendor landscape
• Help you determine which questions you should be asking
• Help you discover small changes that can make a big impact

Chassidy Butler

Strategic Consultant

CU Engage


Leading in the fast lane & Driving a Positive Culture

Is it Magic? Is it Hard Work? How do you maintain relevance in a competitive environment?
In this session – learn how history has taught us – LEADERSHIP & your credit union’s CULTURE go hand in hand in driving positive change!

Pete Pritts

President & CEO

Corporate America Credit Union

I’m just trying to help you

People need the checking, savings, credit and loan services you offer. So why does your credit union get passed over when it’s time to sign up those new accounts? There can be a number of reasons; most revolve around communication. Eliminate those communication hurdles that keep people away with clear, consistent messaging that speaks to your most important features. In this session, we’ll explore which potential members are the best fit for your credit union, analyze the moments that matter to those people, and identify the features that make your institution a good choice for them. We’ll also cover tips for getting the best web traffic and how to get the most from that traffic once it’s on your site.

Joshua Schneiderman

SEM/PPC Program Lead

VGM Forbin

10:30 AM Breakout Sessions

Does Your Overdraft Strategy Have the Right Perspective?

Focus on member service needs and best practices is key to successful outcomes

After five consecutive years of year-over-year increases, credit unions experienced a drop-in overdraft revenue for the first quarter of 2019. As regulators review the rules governing overdraft services and next generation technologies provide new tools for improving program management, is it time to take a look at your overdraft philosophy and strategies to make sure you’re getting optimal results? This session will provide proven advice on how to implement best overdraft service practices that result in a reliable revenue stream and compliance peace of mind for your credit union and increased financial security for your members.

• Overview of regulatory compliance and industry trends related to overdraft privilege
• Potential litigation issues and how financial institutions across the nation are responding
• Key performance indicators for more successful overdraft results
• The role of next generation analytics and reporting capabilities in capturing missing income, setting realistic goals and effective problem-solving strategies
• The correlation between ongoing employee education and greater program outcomes
• Keys to more informed member choice and better service experiences

Cheryl Lawson

Executive Vice President-Compliance

John M. Floyd & Associates

Secrets Revealed: 10 Things Your Core IT Provider Will NOT Tell You

In this session, Aaron Silva will take you through 10 critical issues and negotiating secrets that bankers should know before they sit down at the negotiating table. Silva will discuss his latest proprietary research findings that outline the problems, pitfalls and best practices in restructuring vendor contracts based on nationwide intelligence. Through real life examples of how banks and credit unions often pay in excess of $1 million more than necessary over the life of their core services contracts, you will learn how to dramatically improve your core and IT spending efficiency and better protect your institution from downstream risks hidden within their contracts.

If you’re a c-level executive at a community financial institution, you will not want to miss this session!

What you’ll learn:
• Critical issues and negotiating secrets that bankers should know
• Why banks and credit unions often pay in excess of $1 million more than necessary over the life of their core services contracts
• How to dramatically improve core and IT spending efficiency
• The ultimate effect of overlooked contract terms
• What may be hidden in your bank’s contract that stifles growth and kills M&As
• How to acquire the right fintech to make your financial institution more competitive

Aaron Silva

President & CEO

Paladin fs & Golden Contract Coalition


Text Messaging for Credit Unions

9 out of 10 consumers would like to be able to use Text Messaging to communicate with businesses. But what’s stopping Credit Unions from leveraging Text Messaging to engage members? The three main challenges that Credit Unions face are –

  1. Compliance and Security – How do we meet FCC/TCPA regulations?
  2. IT Integrations – How do we integrate Text Messaging into our existing IT systems?
  3. Business Intelligence – How do we know whether Text Messaging channel is working for us?

Learn how you can start Texting your members today and provide them the experience they want. By attending this session, you will learn:

– How other industries are leveraging the power of Text Messaging  

– How you can use the high engagement and response rates of Text Messaging for Marketing, Lending, Collections, Sales/Service, Member Onboarding, Risk Mgmt. and other use cases

– What you can do to remove obstacles to adopting Text Messaging at your Credit Union

Ashish Garg

CEO and Co-Founder


Trends in the payment space

The audience will have a thorough understanding of the current marketplace plus leave with insight into the future. Attendees will leave the session with ideas to help them plan for payments in the future with a focus on person-to-person transactions. Julie is an engaging presenter who is sure to not only keep you informed but also entertained.

Julie Peckham

Senior Sales Executive

Money Movement at FIS

11:45 AM Breakout Sessions

The Software Defined Credit Union (SDCU) : Technology that Transforms the Credit Union.

Improve efficiency, provide security through micro-segmentation, and improve risk management. Software-defined networking technology is an approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring making it more like cloud computing than traditional network management.

Trent Henson

Chief Technology Officer


The Hidden Risk of The Auto Lending Boom

While credit unions are enjoying the recent surge in auto lending, digging deeper into the numbers reveals some potentially troubling trends. During this enlightening session, you’ll gain insights into why your most loyal members may be vulnerable, why you’re not marketing as effectively as you think, and steps to take to strengthen your member relationships.


Jeff Terry

Account Executive

CUNA Mutual

Navigating the New Interest Rate Paradigm…

Given the unprecedented investment environment that Credit Union portfolio managers are now facing, we will explore how you can understand what is causing the current investment environment, identify investment opportunities, and adapt your investment portfolio strategy which can lead to Investment Portfolio Peer Group Outperformance.
• Veritas…The S-L-Y investment principal was/is a mistake… S-Y-L reflects reality!
• Are my Investment policies preventing me from an Outperforming Investment Portfolio?
• Is there any unrealized value to my members beyond my SimpliCD world?
• How do I identify the right market sectors to invest my excess liquidity?
• Can the U.S. Treasury Curve really trade at Negative Yields?
• Managing an investment portfolio with flashbacks to 2009-2016, Hope is not a Strategy!

Tobias Timm

Director – Investments
Credit Union Investment Strategy Group

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Video Banking: Exceed Expectations & Deliver Exceptional Virtual Branch Experiences

Complete experiences through a single channel, and avoid outdated communication methods that require consumers to navigate multiple channels to acquire a single new product or service. Video banking will help you deliver convenient experiences, build trust, and increase access to experts at the branch, at home, or on the go. Learn how multi-channel video banking, centralized lending, and virtual experiences can be deployed at your financial institution today.

Gene Pranger

CEO & Founder


12:30 PM Executive Lunch

Beyond 2020: People, Process, Technology

Consumers need financial institutions to complete their financial journeys. They need money that drives everyday economics – it drives their needs, helps with problems, and fuels their aspirations. The consumer we serve has a myriad of choices in who they use and they can have more than 10 financial relationships in their lifetime.

How do we insert ourselves into the center of each relationship? How do we become part of everyday transactions? Do you know what these consumers truly want? What does it take to become the primary financial institution? How do we leverage emerging technology as an enabler?

What would it take to move beyond 2020?

  • Our people need to be developed into sought after financial counsellors who are empathetic and knowledgeable
  • Our processes should allow simplified one/two touch transactions that offer absolute ease and convenience
  • Our technology should leverage biometrics, data, and AI to deliver efficient and effective experiences

This inspirational discussion will highlight the key challenges we face, provide anecdotal case studies from around the world, and provide us with the right questions to ask as we define our roadmap for success.

Sundeep Kapur


Digital Credence

2:00 PM Breakout Sessions

Contactless Tap to Pay


Contactless momentum and trends in the U.S. An overview of the current U.S. contactless landscape (acceptance and issuance), along with an early look at contactless spend patterns and trends. Transit momentum and progress will also be covered.


TJ Considine

Director, Debit Product Strategy




Credit Unions and Healthcare: Boost the Retirement Market by Collaborating with Digital Health Technology to Improve Health and Financial Outcomes for Your Members on Medicare

Attendees will learn:

  • The market value of Medicare insurance sales
  • The links between member health and financial health
  • The financial health care challenges members face
  • The digital health tools that can improve health and financial outcomes for members and boost revenue for credit unions. 

Gustavius Smith

Community Lead/Business Development


Anticipating Member Need’s Through Analytics and Automation

How do changes in your member behavior predict what they are going to do next? Are their clues in your data which allows you to anticipate your member’s needs? Is there a way to look for these clues and to leverage this data? Is it possible to marry the wealth of data available with processes that automatically communicate with your members at the most appropriate time.

In this session, learn some easy wins you can take back to your credit union for immediate an impact and discover some deeper strategies which will drive long term results.

Sean Cunningham

SVP, Regional Manager