Thursday, January 30, 2020



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 Thursday Agenda 

Friday, January 31, 2020

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Friday, January 31, 2020     

7:10 AM

Doors open for Protege Breakfast

7:45 AM

CUaware Protégé Finals & Breakfast – separately ticketed event

8:00 AM

Breakfast, Trade Show Floor, Networking


9:30 AM   Breakout Sessions

State-funded NC Assist Loan Program For Students And Parents


College Foundation, Inc. (CFI) has been serving North Carolina students and families for over 60 years as our state-based nonprofit higher education lender. In conjunction with our other educational services, we are proud to offer a new alternative education loan for students with a North Carolina connection called NC Assist. NC Assist has zero loan fees and beats federal education loan interest rates. This session will provide you with information on the benefits of the state-funded NC Assist Loan program for students and parents, background on CFI, as well as ways we are working with credit unions to share this important resource with their members. As a mission-based nonprofit, CFI believes that it is our role to provide services that help North Carolinians achieve their academic goals. We invite you to come learn more about CFI and NC Assist, as well as how you can expand your services to offer guidance to your members on how to pay for college.

Dr. April Query

Regional and Community Services Manager

College Foundation, Inc.

Mobile First: Creating An Exceptional Mobile Experience For A New Generation Of Users


The results are in! Mobile is now the #1 banking channel across users, beating out online banking for the first time. It’s now more important than ever to offer your customers a seamless experience across channels to keep them engaged with your institution. In this session, Emory Hill, Head of Mobile Products for Apiture Xpress, will share insights on how the mobile market will continue to expand and how to capture customers on this valuable channel.

Emory Hill

Mobile Product Manager


A Proactive Approach To Liquidity Management:

Key Steps To Strengthen Your Liquidity Management Process With A Continued Regulatory Focus


Loan growth continues to outpace share growth and on-balance sheet liquidity levels are declining. Wholesale funding levels are on the rise and deposit attrition levels continue to increase. Undeniably, liquidity is under pressure – and regulators are taking notice. This session will address the challenging liquidity landscape in our industry, and what every credit union should be doing to develop a “best practice” approach in liquidity management – regardless of the levels of liquidity you have today.

During this session, participants will gain valuable insights through discussion and examples of industry trends and what lies ahead for the credit union industry. We will walk through the critical elements all credit unions should have in their liquidity management process (both operational and contingency) including dynamic forecasting, stress testing, early warning indicators, and effective policy development. Finally, the session will conclude with real life case studies which highlight strategies to increase margin while managing liquidity risk.

Joe Kennerson

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

What Do You Mean Faster? How Faster Payments Will Impact Your Strategy


Faster payments. What does it mean? There’s much discussion and news headlines about building a faster payments system, but how will it work for your institution? We’ll will look at the practical applications of faster payments in lives of our consumers and address the technologies needed you may need and the risks you’ll want to think about as we race toward the future of faster payments.

Kevin Christensen

Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence and Data Analytics


11:00 AM   Breakout Sessions

Credit Card Programs: Trends, Insights and Evaluating Future Program Strategies


This session shares highlights of recent and future industry trends including cardmember expectations and use, new account acquisition, cardmember retention, and program effectiveness and viability. It also depicts and evaluation of future program alternatives of different models while highlighting critical items for consideration.

Bill Bierman

VP | Partnership Development

Elan Financial Services

Regulatory Compliance Priorities for 2020:

Where to Focus and Common Pitfalls


Where should consumer compliance efforts be focused for 2020? This session will focus on some of the NCUA’s regulatory compliance priorities for 2020, and include common issues identified in examinations related to each area. Make sure to attend to stay aware of the current regulatory compliance trends and hot topics so you can attempt to avoid comments within your own examination.

Marshall Trull

Senior Manager

Elliott Davis

Text Messaging For Credit Unions


9 out of 10 consumers would like to be able to use Text Messaging to communicate with businesses. But what’s stopping Credit Unions from leveraging Text Messaging to engage members? Learn why Text Messaging is a valuable tool for your Credit Union’s communication with current and potential members as well as best practices for meeting compliance regulations, integrations and business intelligence.

Ashish Garg

Co-founder and CEO


Obtaining Commercial Relationships Without Buying a Bank


If you’re not a $10 billion credit union and can’t buy a $750 million bank for their commercial relationships, then this session is for you. The demand for membership growth, loan and deposit growth, income diversification and growth, and risk mitigation is never ending regardless of the size of the credit union. This session will provide useful information on how to start a quality commercial lending and deposit operation while minimizing cost and risk, and how to get more out of your existing commercial loan program. Whether you want to have everything in house or through the use of a trusted CUSO, you won’t want to miss this very informative presentation.

Mark Cox

President & CEO

Innovative Business Systems

12:15 PM   Buffet Lunch & Executive Lunch

National and Regional Economic Update


As the nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve sets monetary policy, supervises and regulates member financial institutions and provides an array of financial services. In the Fifth District, we contribute to the formulation of national monetary policy, gather and analyze regional economic data, and supervise and regulate financial institutions headquartered here. We also process currency, check and electronic payments for banks, and provide financial services to the U.S. Treasury. The Federal Reserve System comprises the Board of Governors in Washington D.C. and 12 Federal Reserve Districts located nationwide. The Fifth District, which is headquartered in Richmond, VA, serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and most of West Virginia. Branch offices are located in Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC.

Matthew Martin

Regional Executive

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

1:15 PM   Breakout Sessions

Coaching Panel


Please join four of our certified and credentialed coaches from our Talent Guided Service that officially LAUNCHED this month! The panel will describe what coaching is, what it is not, and how it can benefit individual employees and credit unions. This dynamic panel will uncover how coaching can impact you and your organization through participating in a very interactive discussion with the coaches. No question is off limits, we want you to gain a thorough and confident understanding of the service and begin the journey of learning all significant components that coaching has to offer.

 Maureen Frazer-Monroe

Dr. Sharon Hull

Matt Kersey

Anna Marie Wood

10 Things to Know Before Negotiating Your Next Core Renewal


When it comes time to negotiate your core contract with your vendor, how much would you be able to improve your credit union’s profitability if you knew the core vendor’s tactics and what goes on behind the scenes of each contract renewal? Items such as:
• How vendors use data to make client pricing decisions
• How decisions are made for new client prospects vs. existing customers and what that means if you plan to change core vendors
• Thoughts on negotiation consultants
• Where are decisions made at the vendor (Sales vs. Finance) and how that information can improve your negotiation position
Technology spend is a large expense, likely the credit union’s second highest non-interest expense behind personnel). The decisions you make during the negotiation can drive profitability for the next 5-7 years of your contract.
Listen to some real-life examples that will help you improve your credit union’s financials and get to a win-win for you and the vendor.

Charlie Kelly


Remedy Consulting

Driving Down Business Risk For Credit Unions


Cybersecurity and compliance can no longer be an add-on responsibility of already stretched IT teams – the stakes (and fines) are simply too high. Instead, financial institutions must have robust cybersecurity resources to reduce risk, avoid breaches, maintain compliance and increase customer confidence.

In this session, we’ll discuss how credit unions like yours are working to secure their IT infrastructure, prepare for security incidents and achieve compliance.

Gerrit Boele

Business Solution Consultant


Harness The Power Of Your Financial Data To Help Your Credit Union Make Smarter, More Confident Decisions That Drive Performance


This session will provide insight on short and long-term trends impacting organizational (branch & lending) and product profitability. Uncover trends that impacted the profitability of products and each segment of your organization in the recent past and see how you can use this information to uncover strategies to improve future performance.

  • Attendees will be provided with actionable information and templates to utilize within their own organization:
  • Branch profitability data looking back through the last interest rate cycle, current profitability levels and projected branch profitability for the next 12 months.
  • Loan and deposit product profitability review will include a historical look at product net income at an account level and projected product profitability trends.
  • Provide a template you can use to project the profitability level of your branches and each of your products.
  • Each attendee will also receive our latest account level PEER Product Profitability data that includes the cost to originate and maintain each loan and deposit product.

This session will provide you with practical examples and financial templates you can take back to your office to help improve performance.

Gregg J. Wagner

Managing Director

The Kafafian Group

2:45 PM   Breakout Sessions

Don’t Fall Victim: Loan Fraud & Scams


Fraud costs companies, including credit unions, and consumers billions of dollars in lost time and money. Fraudsters continuously plot ways to con your credit union, your employees, and your members. This session will discuss spam, shams, and other scams impacting your lending operations. In addition, you’ll take away key actionable steps to help your employees and members remain vigilant in their efforts to reduce loan fraud losses.

Jim Bullard

Senior Consultant, Risk & Compliance Solutions

CUNA Mutual Group

Taking Back Control: A Fresh Perspective on Managing Healthcare Costs


Year after year, credit unions find themselves fighting an uphill battle against rising health insurance costs, while simultaneously providing the right benefits to help recruit and retain top talent.

With benefit costs as the second largest people budget line item, it is critical for employers to develop a strategy to manage benefits like a business within their business. In this session, Shelley McClean will share how to:

  • Develop a multi-year strategy for managing benefits, HR and technology to help recruit and retain employees and achieve long-term business objectives
  • Identify opportunities to control pharmacy spend to manage costs today and for the future
  • Leverage best practices and learnings from other credit unions across the region

Shelley McLean

Senior Client Executive

OneDigital Health and Benefits

Getting The Most Value From Your Statement Processing Partner


A strong relationship between a credit union and its statement processor will improve operations, reduce costs and expand marketing opportunities. By working hand-in-hand, the client/vendor relationship evolves into a partnership that enables the credit union to focus attention on its brand, mission and members while the statement processor executes the mechanics of your marketing programs.
This session will provide a comprehensive review of services provided by statement processors while focusing on the importance of customer service and its integral role in a successful partnership. The importance of quality control and data security and their role will be discussed. The decision to change processors needs to consider service, quality and cost. Come learn how each of these factors can be evaluated to help you make the right decision for your credit union.

Peter A. Beaudet

Director of Sales, Southeast Region

Sage Direct

How to Make Your Deposits Reporting and Analytics More Powerful


In the changing economic world in which we live, to make the most of your deposits strategies, you need to have the
right tools in your tool belt. In this session, we look at some of the most sought-after analysis and reporting a financial
institution should have to set themselves up for success. It’s all about knowing your data and how to use it to your
advantage to make educated decisions to grow your deposits and increase your profit.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn best practices and advanced capabilities for deposits reporting.
2. Discover how to use analytics to your advantage.
3. Understand the value of good source data to enable accurate, powerful reporting.

Ian Dunn

EVP of Products


3:30 PM   Exhibitor Raffle Prizes and Grand Prize Raffle


Roughly $5,000 in cash and give-a-ways will be awarded to those who visit and learn from the exhibitors.