Check back soon for the 2022 LAUNCH conference agenda.


To give you an idea of the show, below is the agenda from the 2021 virtual show





Wednesday, February 3


8:45 – 10:45    Small and Midsize Credit Union Roundtables

The Credit Union Roundtables provide an open, cooperative environment for candid discussion of challenges and opportunities, to share best practices, and discuss timely topics submitted by participants.

11:00 – 12:00    DEI Panel Session

Credit union leaders at the state and national levels are ready to talk Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at this panel discussion, which will be moderated by Synergy Bank Consulting, Inc. Founder and Principal Ancin Cooley.


12:00 – 12:45      Visit the Exhibit Hall


12:45 PM   Breakout Sessions

Transform Your Credit Union With the Power of Data and Analytics

Data and analytics have the power to transform credit unions. A comprehensive data analytics strategy is the key to a credit union’s successful data and digital transformation. In this session, you’ll discover how the right strategy, the right culture, the right tools and the right data can help you better understand each member and deepen member relationships. Join leaders from AdvantEdge Analytics’ Consulting Services and Client Success teams to:
• Learn the fundamentals of a data analytics strategy for credit unions
• Define use cases for getting the most value out of your analytics investment
• Discover how to build a roadmap for success
• Explore how to translate your roadmap into actionable next steps
• Learn how to empower staff with insights to improve member experiences

Emily Engstrom

Director of Client Success

CUNA Mutual Group

2021 and Your Credit Union: Why Text Messaging is Essential

Eltropy’s founder and CEO Ashish Garg shares how our secure and compliant platform can assist your Credit Union communicate effectively during the pandemic era and beyond.

Ashish Garg

Founder and CEO




The Value of a Certified Payments Professional: What’s In It for Your Credit Union?

Financial institutions of all sizes face tremendous regulatory and compliance pressure. With the rapid changes and evolving risks in payments, having a certified professional on staff has become more important than ever. Is your credit union aware of the national certifications available in the payments industry? What are the benefits to your institution of having a certified payments professional on staff? If you are interested in learning how you or someone on your team can become a certified payments professional, join ePay’s Wanda Downs, Vice President of Payments Education, to find out more.

Wanda Downs, AAP, APRP, NCP

Vice President, Payments Education


1:45 PM   Breakout Sessions

Asset Recovery and Collections in the Late-Stage Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant economic problems both for borrowers and for credit unions. Voluntary and involuntary moratoriums on collections, foreclosures and evictions have forced credit unions to experience default rates not seen in the past, even during the Great Recession. As the negative economic impact of the pandemic eases, credit unions will be required to navigate their way through the continuing and constantly-changing restrictions. This presentation will review the existing restrictions on asset recovery and collections and will assist in developing a strategy to work through the situation as things begin to return to normalcy.

James E. Vaughan


Blanco Tackabery

Staying Out of Drawers and Trash Cans – Redefining ‘SWAG’ as ‘Stopping Wasteful Anonymous Giveaways’

Virtually every credit union buys “SWAG” (Stuff We All Get), but does your credit union buy strategically and generate a demonstrable return on those purchases? Roger Casey explores nuanced approaches to promotional products and gifting that can help to generate new business, retain existing business, and reinvent “SWAG” to be a powerful component of your organization’s branding arsenal.

Roger Casey

Owner and Managing Director

Casey Creative LLC

How to grow your Employee Group Membership in 2021 and Beyond!


Learn how to transform your employee groups, add members and become the Credit Union Partner of choice!

Vance Rowland                                     Albert Howard

President & CEO                                   VP of Partner Engagement

AOneATM                                               AOneATM


Thursday, February 4


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM    Visit the Exhibit Hall


10:15 AM   Breakout Sessions

NC Assist: North Carolina Non-Profit Making Paying for College Easier!

College Foundation, Inc. has been making college a reality for students in North Carolina for 65 years. We assist students with searching for careers, applying for college, sending transcripts, completing residency, searching for scholarships, completing the FAFSA, and applying for state-based alternative loans when free money is not enough. We pride ourselves on our commitment to education and our relationships with organizations like yours across our state. This session will provide an overview on CFI, College Foundation of North Carolina, and NC Assist. Be sure to attend to learn how to better advocate for your members with students and get all of your questions answered!

Dr. April Query

CFNC Regional & Community Services Manager

College Foundation, Inc.

Faster payments have you confused? We understand; there’s a lot out there!

Being strategic about payments means shifting from a reactive to a proactive stance, which can be challenging in an environment of rapid technological change. As “faster” becomes “real-time,” a well-developed payments strategy is critical to the success of your institution and your members.
Join our experts to make sure the most critical components are included in your payments strategy!

Ashley Daniels                                                   Lisa Coffey                                  Trey Ragland

Marketing & Communications Leader     Chief Innovation Officer         Product Development Director

CACU                                                                     CACU                                              CACU




AI-Powered Stories to Captivate Members

Credit Union executives have a problem today—silo’d technology makes it hard to deliver consistent and personalized messages across channels to members. How can you be certain that members are hearing consistent and relevant messages across mobile, web, email, the teller line, and in their electronic and printed statements?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) not only meets that need but elevates member engagement across all your digital banking channels – leading to greater loyalty, retention, trust and revenue. With the right DXP technology, you can provide a deep, authentic and personal touch that automates and powers your member communications.

Join Cathedral and partner DeepTarget as they demonstrate AI-powered stories and member messaging within the member journey – showcasing the ability to create immersive, personalized user experiences when combined with customer intelligence. The DeepTarget DXP, with its patent-pending 3D StoryTeller user experience and ML-generated predictive campaigns, is closely integrated within Cathedral’s eStatement Portal and Printed Statement offerings, providing a single secure platform that may extend communications and gather engagement results across the entire digital ecosystem.

Nina Correnti, Cathedral, along with Jill Homan, DeepTarget, will demonstrate this powerful new, immersive digital experience that will work to amplify your results in your digital statement portal, your printed statements, and your entire digital banking ecosystem.

Nina Correnti                                            Jill Homan

Regional Sales Director                         President 

Cathedral                                                   DeepTarget


11:15 AM   Breakout Sessions

Best Practices for A Remote Audit World

As the coronavirus pandemic has shuttered most of the nation, many credit unions have been forced to abruptly adapt to new remote auditing processes. Attend this session to identify innovative ways to embrace the environmental changes and still get high-quality auditing accomplished. Lori Carmichael and Stephen LaBarbera will discuss the challenges and benefits of remote auditing, ways to overcome the challenges, and best practices to effectively plan and carry out success audits remotely.

Stephen LaBarbera                                 Lori Carmichael

Senior Audit Manager                             Shareholder
Financial Institutions Group                Financial Institutions Group

Doeren Mayhew                                        Doeren Mayhew



The future of financial card issuance

Innovations in payment technology have accelerated but what does that mean for the future of financial card? In this session we will discuss new technologies in cards and why the future of the physical card remains strong.

Chris Saxton

Product Marketing Manager, Instant Financial Issuance


Obtaining Commercial Relationships Without Buying a Bank

If you’re not a $10 billion credit union and can’t buy a $750 million bank for their commercial relationships, then this session is for you. The demand for membership growth, loan and deposit growth, income diversification and growth, and risk mitigation is never ending regardless of the size of the credit union. This session will provide useful information on how to start a quality commercial lending and deposit operation while minimizing cost and risk, and how to get more out your existing commercial loan program. Whether you want to have everything in house or through the use of a trusted CUSO, you won’t want to miss this very informative presentation.

Mark Cox

President & CEO

Innovative Business Solutions, LLC

12:00 – 1:00      Visit the Exhibit Hall


Friday, February 5


8:30 AM – 9:00 AM   Visit the Exhibit Hall


9:00 AM   Breakout Sessions

Lending Reimagined: New Strategies for a Post-COVID Future

The difference between flopping and flourishing can be razor thin. Join a discussion of COVID-19’s impact on the lending industry and explore new ways to attract, acquire and retain consumers as we move into the next phase of banking.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
• Post-COVID is a rare consumer lending opportunity
• Discover the increased value of fully-connected consumer experiences
• Helping, not selling, begins and builds lifetime relationships
• Supercharge your data to uncover opportunities and build personalized experiences

Stephenie Williams                                                  Traci DeGolier 

Executive Director, Acquisition Solutions       VP Analytics & Business Intelligence

Harland Clarke                                                           Harland Clarke

Fraud in a Changing Environment – Data and Best Practices to Guide Your Institution

Description: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have sweeping economic impacts across the United States, new fraud schemes and trends are affecting financial institutions and their communities. Armed with big data from COVID-19 fraud and historic trends from recent recessions, this session will dive into what financial crime fighters can expect over the coming year and how to prepare for emerging fraud trends.

Key Takeaways:
Data surrounding fraud trends from previous months
What the coming month will likely hold
How to best prepare your institution for emerging fraud

Bill Caldwell                                                               Jon Yasses

Director of Card Fraud Services                         Business Development Manager

Advanced Fraud Solutions                                   Advanced Fraud Solutions

The One Secret of Great Managers

There is one action which great mangers take to create an engaging workplace for every member of their team. This secret isn’t easy to execute. It requires effort, attention and intentionality. But, if you correctly implement this one action it will make a significant positive difference in performance and how employees feel about coming into the credit union every day.

Joe Bertotto

Chief Culture Officer

Vizo Financial

10:00 – 10:45 Social Event Networking – Coffee on Us


11:00 – 11:45 Foundation Awards


12:00 – 12:20 Protégé Results Announced


12:25 – 1:00 Visit the Exhibit Hall / Final Giveaways


Roughly $5,000 in cash and give-a-ways will be awarded to those who visit and learn from the exhibitors.