Thursday, January 30, 2020



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Friday, January 31, 2020

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Friday, February 1, 2019     


8:00 AM

Breakfast, Trade Show Floor, Networking

8:00 AM

CUaware Protégé Finals & Breakfast – separately ticketed event


9:30 AM

Breakout Sessions

Bring the “A” in Agile to Your Credit Union


As consumer demand for convenience continues to drive member expectations, have you worried that your credit union is falling behind in terms of bringing innovative products and services to market?  Have you had an initiative end with something no longer relevant in the marketplace?  Have you ever developed a new product exceeding a budget long before it’s completed and launched?  Do you want to experience faster time to market and an earlier ROI?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, here’s your chance to hear more about best practices leveraging an Agile development process.  Agile Methodology is being utilized across top industries to not only reduce cost, but deliver more value faster, with less risk and better quality!  Your competitors are using this approach every day.  And they are doing it effectively. At the end of this workshop, you’ll be armed with a better understanding of Agile development and how to put these principles to work for your credit union.


Patrick McElhenie

Director, Capability Leader

CUNA Mutual


The CECL Study of the Century


Will your allowance increase under CECL? By how much? Join us as we review the results from our intensive study on the impact different loss methods will have on your allowance calculations.

1. Review general CECL concepts

2. Gain a basic understanding of common loss methods, including static pool, vintage, discounted cash flow, and probability of default.

3. See the key findings from the CECL study.

4. Understand the general portfolio characteristics that lead to an increase or decrease in the allowance calculation vis-à-vis the various loss methods.


Matthew Court

EVP Business Development

Visible Equity

Hot Topics in Commercial Lending


Discussion will include regulatory changes, recent exam findings, market changes, rate environment, pricing comparisons, underwriting and loan documents and more.


Mark Cox

President & CEO

Innovative Business Systems

The Impact of Leadership on Employee Development


A panel discussion on employee engagement and leadership. The panelists will have an open discussion around how emotional intelligence, leadership, and employee engagement are strongly interrelated. Developing ones emotional intelligence, and the willingness to be reflective and introspective, are key in providing impactful leadership, and achieving high employee engagement.

Linda Lafortune                                                                                                      Ashley Kohlrus

Leadership Development & Employee Engagement Manager              Chief Operations Officer

Sharonview Federal Credit Union                                                                    Allegacy Federal Credit Union





Lauren DeAngelis

SVP of Professional Development

Carolinas Credit Union League





10:45 AM

Breakout Sessions

Are You Flattering the Competition?

Quit Imitating, Start Differentiating


Consumer Experience/Branch Transformation

With branch costs rising and foot traffic falling, the banking industry is facing some tough realities: The traditional credit union branch just wasn’t designed for the modern, digitally enabled consumer—yet we are hard-pressed to pry the allure of physical branches out of those same consumers’ hearts and minds. Today’s branch transformation efforts should be focused on clearly identifying what its consumers want, what they’re ready for, and how their needs can best be satisfied on a branch-by-branch basis. Rather than reacting to the changing environment by rushing to buy the technology their competitor just implemented (and regretting it), credit unions must work proactively to better understand their unique customer base. Yes, the world’s largest ATM maker wants you to think customer-first, not technology-first—because in the connected commerce future, technology should exist to enable more personalized, seamless and intuitive experiences. In this session, we’ll discuss why it’s so critical for credit unions to:
• First, analyze their current situation,
• Then define the ideal customer journeys they want to provide,
• And lastly, develop a roadmap that prioritizes the changes to the people and processes that must go hand in hand with any new technology investment.

Scott Weston

Manager, Global Advisory Services

Diebold Nixdorf


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Operational Excellence

for Lunch & Everything Else for Dinner


Is it Magic?  Is it Hard Work?  The secret is ALL about the culture…


Pete Pritts


Corporate America Credit Union

Winning Ways: Superior Execution of Strategic

Business/Technology Projects


Main Objectives:
o Innovation in linking business strategy and project delivery
o Industry trends in project delivery and execution
o The anatomy of a successful project
o Exemplars vs underperformers: let’s get better by learning from others


Tom Uva

Management Consulting Services Practice Leader

Elliott Davis

Why Your Members Experience Needs DATA To Succeed


Knowing your members is great but understanding how they behave is even better. In this session, Lou Grilli will discuss how credit unions can begin to leverage their data beyond basic market segmentation and gather much more valuable data about their members’ individual habits, interests and channels of choice. Organizations that leverage member behavior data outperform those that don’t by 85% in sales growth and 25% in gross margin. Leveraging that data will help your credit union grow and retain its members.


Lou Grilli

AVP of Product Development & Thought Leadership


12:00 PM

Buffet Lunch & Trade Show Floor

12:00 PM

Executive Lunch & Speaker – Invitiation Only

Financial Institutions’ Greatest Fraud Challenges


Financial fraud is becoming increasingly organized and sophisticated, and this trend will continue. Large banks are no longer the only targets of organized fraud rings; all financial institutions are vulnerable. This session will focus on
• Methods fraudsters commonly use to overcome financial institutions’ fraud prevention efforts,
• The types of fraud currently creating the greatest challenges and leading to the largest losses for financial institutions, and
• Recommendations for financial institutions to more successfully combat fraud in today’s market environment.

Join Aite Group’s Senior Analyst, Shirley Inscoe, to learn more about application fraud, account takeover, synthetic identities, card fraud, and other issues currently challenging the industry.


Shirley W. Inscoe

Senior Analyst

Aite Group

12:30 PM

Special Small Business Administration Session


SBA Loan Programs and Services


The Small Business Administration’s loan programs, loan eligibility and resource partners.


Karen Hoskins

Lead Lender Relations Specialist

SBA North Carolina District Office (Charlotte)

1:15 PM

Breakout Sessions


Automated Marketing: Member Data Driven Results


Leveraging member data from the core is essential to driving results and staying relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Maximizing marketing effort and return on investment is complemented by using target marketing and automation to connect with your members and achieve success. In this seminar, we will cite real-life examples and case studies while discussing how to combine strategies, identify the right technologies to use, and ways to effectively manage your human capital to reach members and prospects.


Doug MacDonald

Vice President of Marketing Services


Powerful Performance: Inspiring a New Perspective


A conversation about how to move away from the traditional concepts of performance management and creative ways to talk about performance through the lens of mastery, chemistry and delivery.


Dana A. Chaney, MBA, SHRM-SCP

HR Consultant

OneDigital Health and Benefits

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan


How much fidelity is needed?

This workshop will review a solid Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (IRP). You will have an opportunity to walk away with a template plan that will allow you to then fill in the blanks!

After a cyber attack or intrusion into your network, is not the time to think how you will handle it. Your Board of Directors will not be happy if you haven’t at least walked through a scenario for several types of common cyber attacks.

This session will provide you the basic understanding of what a good IRP requires and give you an opportunity to think about your organizations network in regards to a response plan.

About 77% of all companies do not have a formal incident response plan which is a frightening number of unprepared organizations. An IRP is not expensive to conduct but requires thought and preparation.


Col. (Ret.) Timothy Evans, J.D., LL.M.

SVP, Chief of Strategy & Co-founder


ITMs: Creating a Winning Strategy


This session will cover various strategy components to Interactive Teller Machines (ITM). Sean will provide guidance on how to make implementations successful and common pitfalls to avoid. Sean will also discuss the pros and cons of integrations to the core vs. non-integrated solutions.


Sean Farrell



2:30 PM

Breakout Sessions


Leveling the Playing Field:

How Your Brand Can Help You Compete & Win


We’ve all heard the industry pundits shouting warnings: community financial institutions, including credit unions, are under attack! The megabanks are targeting your members with fiscal and personnel resources that allow them to attract consumers with a big incentive, and keep them with strong ongoing value propositions across their product portfolio. The statistics are enough to keep any credit union executive up at night.

The pundits are overlooking the distinct advantage credit unions have over the megabanks: community relationships and a brand connection that really matters. That special emotional connection you have with your members and the way you reward them for their business create real opportunities for credit unions to “hit back.”
In this presentation, CUs will learn how to use their unique brand advantage in combination with powerful incentives and engaging technology to drive revenue and beat the megabanks at their own game. By creating a brand connection with emotional ties and implementing platform and technology solutions that offer compelling engagement and drive stronger relationships, institutions can “level the playing field” with megabank technology, strengthen relationships, and increase market share.

Tylee Suarez

Senior Director of Marketing

Buzz Points, Inc.


Glenn Van Deusen

President & Founder

Van Deusen & Levitt Associates, Inc.

Credit Card Trends, Issues and Opportunities


Hear from a credit card industry expert on how to keep pace with the rapidly changing market and know when to make changes within your card program. Join us for an interactive discussion about the latest industry trends and when and why to offer a new affluent or small business credit card product. You’ll walk away with actionable tactics to help you compete and win in the affluent and small business space.

Bob Clarkin

Senior Product Strategist

Fiserv Credit Advisory Services

The Answer to Improving Member Experience & Improving Efficiency



There isn’t a silver bullet for delivering exceptional member experience; it requires every consumer touchpoint being in perfect balance –digital self-service, in-branch or through your contact center. The solution for most institutions is to invest heavily in technology and digital transformation. But with digital transformation comes questions; lots and lots of questions from your consumers and employees.

Unless you are delivering easy-to-find and easy-to-follow answers across all touchpoints, you can never truly be delivering an exceptional member experience, regardless of how much technology you offer. In this session we will show you real-life best practices examples of what other credit unions are doing to strike this balance and the impact it is having on improved member experience, improved efficiency and becoming the institution of choice.


Al Rosenbaum

Executive Vice President of Customer Success

SilverCloud, Inc.